How to embarass your friendly neighborhood Halibut

I tried something different today. When cooking seafood, one usually thinks White Wine. Well , I wanted to know what if I went against the norm. So I went for it.

Halibut is a pretty hearty fish, white meat, not oily, and not overly flakey.  I gave it a light sear, then made the sauce. Half a cup Amarone, diluted by additions of occasional water during the cooking time.

Habilbut in thin Amarone Sauce

Results. The dish was surprisingly great. The fish was not embarrassed at all. Indeed , it stood proud, and ready to take on many a four legged beasts.

The remaining Amarone was recorked. We drank white wine with the dish which I served with a whole wheat , herbed cous-cous.

Salute !


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