Essenceful Beans, Creams and Dreams

As I sat sipping my iced latte this morning at Tarry Market, I wondered: "what makes a great coffee?"  It's an easy answer: the coffee. Now that sounds like a truism, but in reality it seems that we have forgotten this small detail when we go out to our favorite cafes. Any coffee, whether a high-pressure extracted espresso or a traditional Americano drip, needs to speak to you only in terms of aroma and pure coffee flavors. Now just close your eyes and just imagine that.

How would I do that, you might ask? Imagine sweeping away the watery coffee lightness that you that you get from some brew drips, or that sadly intense burnt sting that way too often even  the best of some modern coffee houses claim to be their signature taste. Imagine removing those even - Ahimè' - worse Ajax powder bitterness foundations that consistently contaminates many gourmet shops'  product. When you do that, you are left with pure coffee aromas and  roasted coffee beans flavorful essence. The real deal , my friends. Aromatherapy at its finest in a demitasse, all natural, and yes, seductively addictive.

Yesterday, I  had some leftover Illy brand espresso, and some homemade profiteroles shells. As usual, I decided to "recycle" a bit. The result, espresso panna cotta filled profiteroles. They were all about the essences of coffee and simmered cream. Nothing else.

Too bad I did not get a chance to capture them on film as they begged for mercy. The fan club gobble-gobbled them up before I could even get back downstairs with my camera.  All I was left with was a small parfait that I prepared from what was left.

Espresso Panna Cotta

Still tasty and better than nothing

Happy Sipping. Happy Dreaming!


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