Shishito Peppers: Appetizers, Garnish and Memories

I recently discovered Shishito Peppers, a green pepper variety from Japan, that is slowly climbing up the celebrity ladder.  Real cute, and extremely versatile, they are full of flavor, carry a hint of heat and sport a brightly green colored coat. Stylish, wouldn't you say ?

Today I used then in three ways, a personal appetizer, a garnish and as a base for an flavored oil.  Wow, it must be true the best things come in small packages.  All I had to dish is fry up a handful of semi-wilted peppers in some EVOO and garlic slivers and then sprinkle with some coarse salt.

Fried Shshito Peppers

Fusilli Napolitani with Asparagus, Cob Smoked Bacon , and Shishito Pepper Oil.

Fusilli Napolitani
Neapolitan fusilli are a variation on fusilli pasta from Campania. They are shorter than their longer cousins, just about as thick as the fusilli from Calabria and bare distant resemblance to the dry spiraled fusiili that are eary to find  most supermarket aisles. Neapolitan fusilli are harder to find, so short fusiilli can be used as a replacement for this recipe. Caveat: they won't be as al dente as the artisan type.

This is a simple and fast dish to make. Saute' about 1 1/2 lbs of fresh asparagus cut into small rods, 3 strips of premium quality cob smoked bacon , 1 cup of ripe grape tomatoes , 2 cloves of garlic.  Cook your pasta al dente. Then drain , toss into the sautee pan  and coat .

Plate along with a spoonfuls of Shshito oil , and garnish with some whole Shishito peppers.Sprinkle with some Parmigiano Reggiano.

Served with chilled semi-sweet Kindzmarauli red wine from the Republic of Georgia.What a match.

Et Voila': Napoli meets Osaka with a stop in the Caucasus.

P.S..Fusilli, Smoked Bacon and Shashitos were all purchased at The Tarry Market. Worth the short trip.


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