Fast Evening Cooking

This was one of those days when I needed to come up with some fast food, without having to get on the phone or sit in a drive-thru something that the Island just does not do.  A Quick look at pantry , fridge and root cellar  - Well I don't have one of those yet, nor do I have a wine cellar but I am mentally working on both -  . and a few ideas came to mind that I could whip to the envy of any fast food promoter.  Here goes.

Hominy with Pickled Okra and Chorizo 

Hominy and Chorizo
 Easy to make., Easy to eat. Toss Chorizo and Pickled Okra cut at a bias in a pan with some EVOO. Season with S/P and dry herbs. Any marjoram fans out there ?  Brown the sausage links very gently, then slice into pieces.. Finally toss in precooked hominy kernels. Toss and cook another few minutes adding some H20, if needed .

 Mixed Potato Hash
Yellow and Sweet Potato Hash
This is one of the great savory dishes that are so easy to make, and yet different. The use of shallots made the biggest difference. Toss in a pan , thinly sliced potatos (Yukon Golds) along with sweet potatoes also cut into circles, strips of red bell peppers. and 2-3 medium sized shallots sliced horizontally. Add EVOO, S/P a sprinkle of herbs of your choice, perhaps a splash of white wine.  Cook covered for 5-10 minutes, then an additional 10-15 until the potatoes are cooked. Gently mix the roots without disintegrating them. Perfect as a breakfast side too.

Serve with some good Ale,  mates. Sailors and fan club approved of these quick ones.

Salute !


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