Stuffing , Baking and Roasting. More Fall Themes

Despite what continues to feel like unseasonably warm weather, I was in a mood for some baking and roasting. Felt like staying away from meat for a bit longer too even though I was strongly tempted to add in some good old corn cob smoked bacon. Made the fan club proud. I managed to resist.

 With ingredients from three markets, here's what I came up with .

Savory Spinach Stuffed Zucchini

Ingredients for Stuffing
Chopped Spinach - blanched and drained
1/2 cup of red bell pepper
1/2 cup of yellow bell peppers
Italian Bread Crumbs
1/3 cup of grated Romano Cheese
1 teaspoon of Spanish Pimenton  (Smoked Paprika)
Caciocavallo Cheese (as topping, replacement:  low hydration mozzarella)

Did you know that the Yucatans, a siubgroup of the ancient Mayans dined on squash frequently. I bring this up since the zucchine I used were from La Placita, my South American Super Grocery Market. The variety of squash I used in this dish was Mexican , not Italian, which technically forces me to call them something other than Italian Squash or Zucchine.

Stuffed Zucchine -

Roasted Trouted with Balsamic Roasted Green Onion Bulbs 

Roasted Trout and Balsamic Bulb Onions
Butterfly your trout, then season with your favorite herbs. I used dry thyme,  fresh oregano, S/P, and a shot of old bay - it does wonders my friends - Sprinkle with EVOO.  Bake until for 20-30 minutes with first 10 minutes covered with foil. Do not over cook as  the thin fish will dry up. Remove from oven , let rest for a 10 minutes.  Then plate along with veggies.

Serve with thin slices of  Meyer lemons which can be eaten, skins and all.  The fan club approved.

Salute !

P.S. Don' forget about the bacon next time. Everything tastes better with bacon. you know.


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