Thanksgiving Planning

I spent several hours today food shopping, hopping from store to store to gather all the ingredients that I would need for tomorrow's feast. The fan club and I decided that roast turkey would not play centerpiece on our lavish table tomorrow.   Instead, cute little stuffed Cornish hens,  turkey's tiny cousins, will be basking and well behaving in our oven . Ouch, they said. Of course, the meal will be decadent as usual, or maybe not, I as plan making a many vegetable-based dishes.

Here's the plan as of  this evening.

    Heart of Palm Salad in lemon poppy vinaigrette
    Sharp Imported Provolone Cheese
    Boquerones en Vinagre (Spanish Anchovies marinating in white wine vinegar)
    Marinated Peppadews
    Garlic Roasted Italian Eggplant

Primo Piatto
   Asparagus Fontina Ravioli Walnut-Pistachio Chanterelle Cream Sauce (limit 2 per person)
     Two Stuffing Roasted Stuffed Cornish Hens
          Escarole , Sauteed Red Grapes and Sicilian anchovy fillets
          Savory Pork and Vegetable

Corn meal Tartlets with Stewed Smoked Turkey, Creamed Spinach base, Creme Fraiche
Contorni (sides)
   Roasted Asparagus in Emmentaler Cheese Blankets
   Flat String beans in almond/bacon sauce

   Cranberries in Rum Syrup
   Fancy Salad
   Tender Boston Bibb Salad , Shaved Parsnips  and arrots
   Creamless with Fresh Bosc Pear / Red Grape Dressing
  (my little sisters's contribution. Yes, she can cook too !)

Frutta e Dessert
  Chocolate Pecan Pie (wishful thinking)
  Chilled Red Grapes in Cachaça-Lemon Broth

So what's on your  your table ?


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