Going Green. Again.

What would you be in the mood for after walking 8 miles ,just to visit your local bank ? That's 12 km for my European fans out there ?  Well for me, and my fan club, a good dose of carbs delivered via a nice bowl of pasta would do the trick. So today, on this glorious spring day , when the colors of Spring  were in full force, not a cloud in the sky,  an ounce of mist to spoil the walk , green pasta made it out of my pantry , into my pot  and then into our happy bellies.

Spinach Linguine and Tomato Sauce
Spinach Linguine with Two Tomato Sauce

Preparation Notes: 
Not much to say here, it's just a bowl of pasta. Or is it ?  

Well, I did use some De Cecco Spinach linguine. It's high quality, fairly easy to find , and holds up well to th the cooking process. And I did combine an Italian purée' (passata di pomodoro)  tomato sauce with some fresh , vine tomatoes that were ripe . Cooked the pasta al dente.  Dinner  was served, again!

Just a bowl of pasta? How dare I trvialize, one of the fan club's favorites ! This was a one of the great simple dishes that I will look to, when the seasons are right.



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