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What's for Dinner, Honey ?

Friday nights are usually tough when driving back from NYC. It seems like a time when all NYC dwellers decide on stampede on zip car and mint car rentals en masse , and jump on the road.  I dread that, as it usually means that my commute expands from a good 50 minutes to at least double that.

But today I must say, I just got lucky. For some unclear reason, the roads were somewhat uncrowded, and it was smooth sailing for me. Within  just about 50 minutes I had crossed the Connecticut border.  The catch? Calls for a celebration ? Not today.  Given that I had decided on leaving 15 minutes later than my usual, I actually got home later than I wanted.  So with fewer minutes to cook , I had to come up with one of those 20 minute meals.

So here's a dish that turned out to be great one to keep handy. It is vegetarian , low fat, and easy to prepare when time is short.

Orecchiette and Cauliflower and Cubanelle Peppers
Orecchiette and Cubanelle Peppers
1 lb Orecchiette Pasta
1 lb Cauliflower Florets
3-4 Large Cubanelle Peppers
Grape tomatoes as garnish
1 clove sliced garlic

Preparation Notes
The trick to this dish was to  first cook the Cubanelle peppers in a bit of EVOO, then add in the florets and cook those down over low heat, protected in covered pan.

As for the pasta, no need to mention to keep your pasta al dente. Yo,  know that story already. And you also know to reserve some of the pasta starch water so that you can adjust the liquids in the Cauliflower sauce. And , almost forgot, select a high quality pasta brand. I went with vacuum packed, Orecchiette  Terre di Murge  brand,  imported by Ranieri Foods out of good old Brooklyn, NY.

Salute !


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