Super Sandwiching - Part II

If you are reading this post, then you had the patience to stick around and find out what a sandwich that takes 2 days to make looks like and tastes like. Inspired by several episodes of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on the food network,  I am sure this manwich  will please Guy Fieri himself.  If he posts a comment,. I'll cook up a batch especially for him.

So at this point, day two of the process, you should have a pan full of braised smoked pork shanks in a vegetable base. Separate the meat from the veggies and juice. Pull the pork which means coarsely shredding once cleared off the bones.

Place the veggies into a blender and puree. Add some EVOO and season with sat and pepper. Ensure that it it becomes creamy. You can add some Parmigiano Reggiano for a bit of creaminess.

Making the braised radicchio is quite simple. Clean the radicchio an toss into a skillet with EVOO, salt, pepper. Cook for about two minutes, then add about a quarter cup of high quality orange juice. Cook until the radicchio leaves are fully wilted. Separate the leaves from the liquids which need to be reduced until it coats your tasting spoon or fork with a visible film. Add the sauce reduction back to the braised radicchio.

Smoked Pull Pork Shank and Braised Orange Radicchio Sandwich
Smoked Pulled Pork Shank and Radicchio Sandwich

Smoked Pork Shank Sandwich - Preparation

To make the sandwich coat one side of the sliced ciabatta bread with the veggie spread. Coat the opposing side with some flavored mayonnaise. I used some traditional Hellman's Mayo into which I folded with some finely chopped dry thyme.

Cut off a hearty portion of ciabatta bread. The slice through the middle. Layer on some sharp Italian Provolone slices. Then top with pulled smoked pork. Follow that with the juicy braised orange Radicchio. And then finish the sandwich with the other slice of bread.

Treviso Radicchio in Orange Sauce
Treviso Radicchio in Orange Sauce

Plate the sandwich with some roasted eggplant or a side salad and you are all set.

Enjoy my friends and reach for those Dos Equis or a good crisp white wine.



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