Memorial Day 2012

For me Memorial day is not that much about grilling than it is about a day of celebration with family. And while, we do not have any immediate family in the armed forces, I did take time reflect on countless individuals that dedicate and continue to dedicate their lives to the service of our country with selfless commitment. Today, safely surrounded by my own family, I took extra time to think to reflect on families of our servicemen and women, who, equally courageous and strong, are often asked to bear undue, and disproportionate burdens for the the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness of all of us who call America our nation.

Special wishes and prayers for those away from from, in harm's way, or just oceans away from their loved ones. May they realize may that they are not out of sight  and out of mind, but that their the nation stands with them , grateful and ready to welcome them back with dutiful respect and appreciation.

Friends, Cheers and Happy Memorial Day , wherever you might be stationed.

Memorial Day Menu
Red Wine Syrah Sangria
Grilled Tomato Salad Pizza
Swordfish al  Cartoccio
Plantains al Cartoccio
Roasted Peppers
Blanched Escarole Salad in light vinaigrette
Mixed Sausages (Chorizo, kielbasa, Italian Hot and Sweet)
American (lol) Hot Dogs
Hamburgers (beef and lamb)
Chipotle Mexican Beans

German Riesling
Sicilian White (Planeta La Segreta, IGT)

Memorial Day Burger
Grilled Bacon White Cheddar Memorial Day Burger

I'd wash one of these down with can of Brazil's favorite soda pop - Guarana'. , if I were you.

Grilled Tomato Salad Pizza
Grilled Tomato Salad Pizza

Just hanging with the Chef 
Cuddling in my Cocoon
Garçon, where's my drink  ?  Don't just leave me hanging here !


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