Go ahead , Steam your buns....

The New Kam Nam market in Chinatown on Canal Street is just an amazing market for me. They've got enough food products there for anyone with a cooking passion to experiment for months at a time. When I shop there , I always pick up ingredients , that often I combine with non Asian ideas.

Last Saturday, I picked up a pack of fresh spinach buns, thinking that I would make a simple spice and soy sauce to top them with once steamed. Well today , things ended up a just a bit differently. My playful urge to experiment woke up.

I knew that spinach and mushrooms went well together, so I decided to make a mushroom cream based sauce.   The two combined perfectly and the dish surprised everybody . It's now part of my oer d'oeuvres options.

Chinese Spinach Buns in Mushroom Sauce 

Chines Spinach Bun with Mushroom Sauce

Now need for cooking steps here. Make your favorite mushroom sauce . Then, go ahead,
"Steam your "buns" !  Just loved the way that sounded.

 Gan bei, my friends.


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