Lenten Delights - Part 3

Here we go again . Another dish that fits well during the period of Lent, a time when the fan club and I, omit meats from our diet. Skipping meat, is not difficult at all, as I can always fall back on a very satisfying repertoire of vegan dish. Here's one that  was fast and easy to make .

Savory Red Swiss Chard and Bean Soup
Red Swiss Chard Bean Soup

Preparation Notes 

If you have pre-cooked (blanched swiss chard) and pre-cooked beans, there is not much to do . If you beans are not flavored , then flash then in  hot skillet with some EVOO, a few fresh herbs, some garlic.  Then toss in the swiss chard, and cook for a few minutes longer.

Serve with some toasted ciabatta bread and a crisp white wine.  I went for a wheat beer, and it seemed to work well. 

Peace my friends.


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