Grand Cooking for a Grand Opening - Part 2

The Fruits of my trip to H Mart Asian Supermarket  Continue Here.   This time with a baby octopus recipe that turned out exceptionally good.  I added some complexity to the dish by serving it over a bed of savory beans with some crunchy yellow squash

Saffron Braised Baby Octopus over White Beans and Yellow Zucchini
Saffron Octopus Over Beans and Squash 

The fan club really appreciated this Tuscan inspired dish.  Just listen to the conversation while I was still preparing dinner

Me - Do you want to taste a  sample  ?
Fan Club - Oh.... this is soooo good,.  Then everything went speechless,
Me - Hey guys, I said taste, not start eating!  Para ! Para de comer !
Fan Club - You are are NO  fun !
Get the point?

I am going to keep this recipe a secret for now. So comment if you want the details.

Poached Cauliflower Salad with Green Chili Vinaigrette
Cauliflower Salad with Green Chili Vinaigrette
Perfect way to cleanse one's palate after a rich and savory octopus dish.

Salute !


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