Lenten Delights - Part 1

Seafood dishes play a big part in my kitchen during lent.  I find seafood with beans, any kind of beans especially versatile as an idea.Seafood is also fast to make and enjoy.

Today, I pointed my fish monger to few fresh looking, monkfish filets. A quick sniff, and they were in my basket.  Don't be afraid to ask your fish guy to smell the  fish . He will know you are serious  about your fish .

Monkfish over Shelled Edamame 

Monkfish over Shelled Edamame

Preparation Notes: 
Using two pans cook the edamame soy beans with some herbs, a few grape tomatoes  in one pan. In the other, cook your monkfish , half way through in some herbs, EVOO , garlic, a splash of white wine, you know , your favorite way .  Then add to the first pan with the beans to finish up.

Plate, and chow down. 

Salute !


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