Missing My Pasta

All it took was a short trip to Russia  to make me miss my kitchen.  So , I just had to get back into the swing of meal making. Pasta, was one thing that I missed  and so I had to make some.

While grabbing some great yogurt and granola at my local Garelick and Herbs, I came across some fresh pasta packages imported from Italy. I picked up two bags of the fresh orecchiette pasta , and thought about what I could make with these.  

The traditional dish calls for Broccoli di Rape (bitter broccoli ) and spicy sausage, but this was a no-no for lent. So I decided to move laterally to a recipe that called for no meat.

Orecchiette e Broccoli

Orecchiette Pasta

I am always amazed at how different high end pasta tastes, and how well with holds up with cooking.  These orecchiette performed perfectly ,and remained al dente without any effort.

Preparation Notes

Not much in preparation here either. Saute' the pepper strips, but keep them crisp. Toss in the Broccoli florets which were previously blanched.  For extra flavor, you can use the salted blanching water to cook the pasta. Top with grated Romano Cheese.

Ah, happy again . How much I missed my pasta.



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