A Tale of 3 Continents

The blogging hiatus may be over. Here's a complex and very flavorful dish with inspirations from across many continents, perfect for a late fall evening.

French Green Lentil  with Chorizo and Shashito Peppers atop Sauteed  Arepas
Green Lentil  with Chorizo and Shashito Peppers a top Sauteed Lemon Butter Arepas

The arepas , a South American speciality was sauteed a few minutes in white wine, splash of lemon juice and butter.  It's the special treat that you get when eating this dish , and it's taste will really surprise you,

Pork Chops cooked in Apple Cider and Caper Sauce

Serve with chilled white wine. I like Macon-Village products, and enjoyed driving through the region a few months ago.



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