Christmas Eve 2012: Traditional Feast of 7 Fishes and 13 Dishes - Part 2

So you were wondering, where are the pictures  ?

Here you go my friends. Enjoy. Ping me for recipes.

Creole Inspired Eggplant Shrimp Beignet (baked)

These babies were a bit of work , but worth every sweat. Served warm with a fresh , homemade ,mildly tangy remoulade sauce , they came to life, and were the hit of the evening. Too bad, we only made about two per person. You know, there were many dishes to sample. 

As a consolation price, some of the filling was put aside so that guests could use it as one of the fillings for their "Christmas Fish Tacos"

Creole Eggplant Shrimp Filling (beignets and tacos)

Two Topping Ricotta Cornbread

I've got this dish down. Two toppings for every palate. So feel free to skip the anchovies, if you please. I would say though , you are missing the best thing out that night.   Secret ingredient was to use ricotta cheese and 1% milk instead of butter milk. This gave the corn bread a slightly lighter texture , with less crumble. When mix your bread, go light on the sugar and even lighter on the butter.

Here's what it looked like before baking.

Corn Bread - Peparation

Spanish Ventresca Tuna

Ventresca is top grade tuna belly, cooked and then stored in EVOO. . It is a delicacy and is excellent.Treat yourself, and forget bumble bee once in a while. I've got to say , they give the Sicilians (forgive my friends) , a bit of competition.

Links :
Ventresca from Fairway Market  and on-line from iGourmet 

Brace yourselves., here comes the Baccala' Trio

Corn Meal Crusted Fried Baccala' and Green Peppers

A classic Christmas Eve Dish . Say no more

My Favorite. Grilled, Smokey Baccala' Salad. A perfect winter seafood salad.

Grilled Baccala' Salad

Baked Baccala' Mash Potato with Onion and Garlic Sauce

We decided to go no standard this year.  Fish Tacos topped with  Halibut and Bay Scallops in a citrus sauce.

Halibut Bay Scallop Fish Taco Topping

Brazilian Christmas Rice



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