Christmas Eve 2012: Traditional Feast of 7 Fishes and 13 Dishes - Part 1

Here we go, on Sunday morning, just before heading out to church, a preview of what is on the menu for tomorrow's Christmas eve feast.  At our home, it an Italian tradition that prevails. You will note, there is no meat and no pasta. Only veggies, Seafood and grains make up this meal.   In the kitchen we aim for at least 7 dishes containing seafood and top at least thirteen in all . Our guests are encouraged.  The food will be served buffet style, so it makes little sense to label dishes by course. It's going to be just one big happy party ..

I am so excited! And I just can't hide it as the song goes.   First I will hit the stores, then later tomorrow the kitchen.   The fan club , well they are curious as to what I will put on the table this time. No surprises. Here's the proposed  menu

Christmas Eve Menu 

Seafood Dishes
Grilled Baccala' Salad in Lemon Parsely  Olive Oil
Corn Meal Crusted Baccala' Fried in Green Pepper Oil
Baked Baccala'  Mashed Potatoes
Salmon in Red Curry Sauce (Pakistani Inspired)
Eggplant Shrimp Beignets  (Wow !!) 
Sauteed Shrimp Creole
"Calabrian"  Halibut & bay Scallop Fish Tacos (Wow !!)
Dual Topping Corn Bread :  1/2 Sicilian Anchovies;  1/2 Cracked Olives (My Favorite)
Spanish Ventresca Tuna by Ortiz
Sicilian Anchovies doused in Arbequina EVOO

Salads and Side Dishes.
Mimma's Cuddureddri (thanks Mom)
Brazilian Rice with Peas and Carrots
Sauteed Kale with Raisins and Pignoli
Heart Of Palm and Almond Salad with Tangerine Vinaigrette

Chocolate Panettone
Homemade Christmas Eve Lemon Cookies
Sperlari Zanzibar Fondente con Nocciole (A Chocolate Torrone)
Assorted Sicilian Torroncini 
Homemade  Orange-Almond Semi-Freddo  (semi-frozen Italian custard)

Merry Christmas to All ! Stay tuned for the pictures


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