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My Contribution to the " 3° SAGRA DU CUDDRURIADDRU"

The "Cuddruriaddru" (Cuddruriaddri plural) are a great tradition in my town of Marano Marchesato  If you remember , you have seen them before. These potato dough doughnut fritters are usually made a few days before Christmas Eve.

Theword  "Cuddruriaddru" is pretty tough to pronounce and also difficult to spell correctly, even for me. If you think rolling "R's" are hard, then these are just true linguistic roller-coaster of sounds.

My town in Southern Italy (Marano Marchesato) holds a annual contest. I missed it this year, and last , and before that... but long to participate in the next .  So here is my vicarious contribution for this year's fun context.

Cuddruriaddri Close Up

Served with plain or with sugar, they are a great way to share cheese, affettati and other simple dishes.  Some are stuffed with anchovies , others with tomato and Pecorino chesse (not shown)

And just when you thought you had enough, here are some more.

Cuddruriaddri  Close Up 2 

Caution . They demand a few glasses of red wine, usually one per bite.

Thank you Marano . See you in the summer !


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