What's up in the Kitchen ? Closed or Just Plain "Wine Lazy" ?

You might have noticed that for quite a while, new posts on this blog have reduced to a mere trickle. My friends and foodie fans you might have all been wondering what has been going on.   The summer ended and the blog seemed stuck with Fred Flintstone's Birthday party celebration and his colorful summer salad of snow peas pods and currants.  Winter Solstice nears and still no new posts. At a recent party , my friends told me that the had not seen many new dishes.  That was a sign for me to at least explain things, and throw some love on to the other side of the island.

Well , the truth is that I have been busy in my kitchen. The island has seen many new guests, all of whom went home with overstuffed bellies. My fingers however, have not been able to hit the keyboard and complete the many posts (more than 10 at last count). They have been stuck in draft mode.   Rather than cranking out recipes and restaurant reviews, my fingers have been busy with other important ideas.  A "special work project" has kept locked to my keyboard , hatching more computer code than cooking hints.  Friends and fans , stay tuned for news for a grand launch event. It will have been worth a blogging slow down

So friends, fans, please be patient as I attempt to catch up.   Here's a link to my food gallery on Picasa. where you can see some previews of the dishes I recently have made to get you going, Both dishes to celebrate  nearing end of Fall.and start of Winter.

Love Around the Island's Food Gallery  on Picasa Web

Foodie Gallery at Picasa Web

Green Lentils over White Wine Arepas with Chorizo and Shashito Peppers
Green Lentils Autumn Dish
Too bad that you can't see the arepas. they are covered with the super tasty legumes, a little surprise , bursting with flavor, connecting French and South American culinary traditions.

Angus Beef Skewers
Angus Beef Skewers
Meat lovers:  this dish was as flavorful as it can get.  Stewed for over 3 hours, perfect for a chilly , damp day with a glass or two of full bodied red wine.

Salute and do stay tuned for more.


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