Dinner Is Served, and felt green about it too.

Sometimes I really feel the need to clear out my mind from the hectic dealings at work .  Cooking is one way for me to recapture some of that lost balance.

I did some recycling here. Used up last batch of fresh basil pesto  as well as handful of ripe tomatoes , clinging on to life, in my cold fridge.  Sorry, you little red guys, I know that is a no-no, but this is summer and things can get hot in the kitchen pantry . 

Here's what was for dinner.

Spaghetti alla Chitarra (square shaped  ,artisan pasta) with light Pesto Tomato Sauce

Spaghetti alla Chitarra con Pesto e Pomodoro
 The sauce here was made with  about 3 tablespoons of homemade basil - pignoli pesto sauce, some home dried grape tomatoes, and some ripe vine tomatoes, 

 Sauteed Italian Eggplant

Sauteed Italian Eggplant
You have probably seen this one before. Not much going on here , so it is perfect to make on  quick evening.   It's just eggplant, cubed and then sauteed in EVOO. S/P, dry thyme and ground cayenne powder.

Some hints:
Before cubing, slice the eggplant and sprinkle for salt to release some of the bitter water . then cube.
Tastes even better the day after . You might have heard this one too before.

We paired this  with a  slightly chilled Cote-du-Rhone red.



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