Sunday Dinner Party:

Today we planned a big Sunday dinner party.   We had a full house, 4 more adults than usual. The weatherman had said that the temperature would be close to 90 degrees, so outdoor grilling and eating was out of the picture. I wanted to make sure that my guests would really get a taste of my food, I decided to make double up on the antipasto and not cook any meats or fish.   I explained to my guests how the tasting should be sequenced , and mixed. They listened , and they were amazed.

Here's what our menu looked like .



Fresh Ricotta Brushetta
Cheese Platter: Sardinian Blue Cheese,   Sicilian Percorino with black pepper corns
Charcuterie: Sliced imported speck  and Toscan Finocchiona Salame
Boquerones en vinagre
Stewed Octopus
Warm Potato Salad with Sherry Vinaigrette 

Spaghetti alla Chitarra  with "three tomato" Tomato sauce

Field greens with Sherry vinaigrette and strawberries

Desserts and Cocktails
White Wine Sangria
Key Lime Pie
Strong Espresso

You might have recognized many of the dishes on this menu. Well that was by design. It allowed me to cook everything from scratch in just under 2 1/2 hours after getting back from church and after shopping for ingredients in several stores.  Not bad for busy Sunday morning.

Palmito Salad

Heart of Palms Salad

The trick do a good palmito salad, it so make it at least 1/2 hour in advance so that the vinaigrette has time to marinate the vegetables.  I used a lime based vinaigrette this time, with a hint of white vinegar as well, but just a splash.   The palmito , as you can see from the picture was tossed with with some some dried tomatoes, and some diced yellow bell pepper.  EVOO, and S/P was also used.

White Peach Limoncello Sangria

The Sangria was off the chart.   The combination of liquor and summer fruits really brought this to life. No ice was added. I  chilled  the container in the freezer for about 1 hour.


Chardonnay Wine
A few shots of cointreau
A few shots of Limoncello
2 Shots of Agave Syrup
White Flesh nectarines , cut into large slices
Summer Plums
Granny smith apples
1 Lime cut into 8 parts

One last thing: rhe key lime pie, could almost beat  the ones I had in Key West.   Michele's Pies in Norwalk Conn was where it was picked up.  Run there , it's really that good.

Salute !


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