Italy 2011 - Day 3- The Real Anchovies

Stop , do not run away just because you heard the word anchovies.

I will be very blunt here. This is the real thing, not the stinky, salty, ill-suited for human consumption stuff that many a pizzeria's here in the US like to use as pizza toppings.  No, those evil nasties, have nothing to do with the real thing. These instead are a beautiful , and abundant species of fish.  Take a look at some of these Anchovy Portraits.

 Fried Fresh Anchovies with Fresh Green Peppers 

Crispy Deep Fried Fresh Anchoives
We fried these in an outdoor kitchen. Without clouds in sight, the boundaries between indoor space and outdoors can be easily blurred. Yet, the unbelievable perfume

Btw, remember  your Omega-3's .. Well these babies are rich in them.

Fresh Friend Anchovies with Small Fried Peppers

The locals call these small green peppers "friariddri" - "little frying ones" . I have no idea if butchered the spelling of this noun in Calabrian dialect. I keep getting rustier and rustier as I get older. These peppers are intense. No, not in spice, for they are of the sweet variety , but in flavor and aroma.  You can't get anything like them here. Well, to be less critical, I should visit New Mexico, the US's chili capital.

Oh , yes we made pasta too.

Farfalle (Bow Tie Pasta) with Zucchine and Fresh shrimp
Bow Ties with Fresh Zucchine and Mediterranean Shrimp
Recipe to follow

Hungry yet ? I sure am  Thinking of running to Astoria Queens for some grilled Sardines at Taverna Kyclades .


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