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Sunday Griling. How is that possible ?

You might have heard , that I am not a big fan of grilling due to the how my grill is positioned relative to my kitchen The patio is on a different level from my kitchen, so a set of stairs gets in the way.  That said, shopping yesterday , some really well marbled steaks caught my eye , and I knew they would be perfect for grilling.

The fan club got to enjoy this menu

Grilled steaks
Italian New Potato Salad
Camprese Salad with Campari Tomatoes, Fresh basil/pignoli pesto and mozzarella di bufala
Blanched Baby Bok Choy boats filled with Sherry Vinaigrette 

"Meat and Potatoes"

The potatoes here were boiled with a two cloves of garlic (skin and all) , later discarded, cooled and then tossed with EVOO, S/P  , grill chilis (from my garden ) and hint of sherry vinegar.

Caprese al Pesto
 The campari tomatoes , ripe but firm , were halved and tossed with a light pesto - pignoli basil, with pecorino cheese and very light on the garlic .  You do not want to overpower with too much garlic, Use a mini-food processor to make the pesto.

Baby BakChoy Boats
Blanche the bok choy cut into halves, and shock over a bed of ice. Emulsify  Spanish Sherry Vinegar with great EVOO and some S/P.    Fill the boy choy cavities with the vinaigrette, cover with plastic film, and chill for at least one hour before serving. 

Light bodied wines for this work so that you can stay cool.

Salute !


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