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Italy 2011 - Day 4 - Hunting for Recursive Root Tops

My direct family history is tied to two small towns in the south of Italy .  Marano Marchesato, where my mother was born, and my father's town, Malvito.  Both have strong meaning for me, and will always bring back vivid memories. 

I recently visited Malvito on a very hot day. It must have been around 95 F.  The town is atop a a nice hill, which sports an ancient Norman castle.  I took a nice way through its tight, picturesque streets and alleys. As I walked and climbed steps and steep inclines, I came so to a spot where I was struck by the almost recursive collection of roof tops. I tried to capture that insight in the shot below.

I captured 6 roof tops in one shot in the photo, but standing there on the little square. I saw many more. Do you count them too ?

An yes, we cooked a little too. Here's a treat we made.

Fried Oblong Rice "Balls"

Fresh Culumbri Figs
Fresh Early figs - Culumbri
"Culumbri" are early dark figs, that are first to ripen .  The are large, and can reach the size of a small child's fist.  Really yummy stuff . Even regional dialectal poetry brought them to life as in this comic little snippet tells us.

Tegnu nu canistru di culumbri 
A sira u nesciu eh matina u zumbu
(Indovinaglie di San Lucido - 1890)

I've got a basket of "Culumbri", 
At night I take it outside, and in the morning , I skip over it.

Does our bard-poet friend here respect these little delights or loathe them to the point that they merit just punishment ?

Salute !


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