30 Minute Meal after 90 Minute [ughh!!] Drive

I jerked out of the office today earlier than usual, around 6:00pm and decided play chauffeur for my friend YK. Thought I would play my luck at the PM FDR roulette.  Bad idea, NYC traffic once again , had its ways.  Anyway , one good thing came out of the over 90 minutes that it took cross over the NY state border into CT: good culinary musings.

As we navigated the ever increasing number of potholes - Mayor Bloomie, and Gov. Andrew, are you listening? -  I challenged myself to come up with a quick dish , off-the-chart savory, that I could make in less than 40 minutes. 

Here's the dish I came up with, after a short deliberation with friend YK.

Bow Tie Pasta with  Peas and Salmon Strips
The Fan club told me that day after, the dish got even more savory, so folks,  you really ought to try your hand at this quickie.

Bow Tie Pasta with Peas and Salmon Strips
1 /1/4 lbs of fresh Salmon, cut into thick strips
2 cups of frozen , high quality sweet peas
Small ripe tomato  
1 lb of Bow Tie Pasta (DeCecco brand)
1 1/2 cups white wine
2 garlic cloves, sliced
Grated Parmigiano Reggiano 


I won't go into details here, but I did use two tricks  First , rather than just a splash of white wine, I used over a cup of dry white wine to cook through the peas.  Second, add the salmon when the peas are almost cooked, if you want to keep it moist,   While the salmon is cooking, place the lid on your pan to cook with some steam  and watch, watch out that the fish does not overcook.

Salmon as any fish , must be eaten hot, so serve immediately or your version of this dish will  miss its flavor climax.

YK, almost forgot,  and for your help in the creative process, you've got  the invite too,  dinner around the island.

Salute !


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