Hang 'Em High: A Weekday Chinatown Run

The Queen surprised me today, and showed up , without entourage , at my office.  She turned heads, as she strutted in her royal blue dress

The day before we had discussed that we needed to make our bimonthly run to Chinatown soon. Our green tea supply had run out. Given the holiday , I mentioned that she should head down to the city so we could go there after work.  She took the advise, but did not give me a clear indication that she would visit. On the contrary, I  sensed that other commitments would have made the visit a bit unlikely.   So when I saw her, walking past the glass pane in front of my office,  I was pleasantly surprised.  Time to celebrate and head to Chinatown.

Eating in Chinatown is easy for us. We almost always head to Big Wong's, except when the lure of Little Italy,  just a block way on Mulberry, tempts us otherwise.

Big Wong's comes very highly recommended by many of my native Hong Kong friends,  including my CEO,  This is the place to get the best Roast Duck and Pork, in NYC and even HK. They claim the the glaze they use , and the ducks, just are unlike any others.   Anecdotally, college students from Boston, make the run to Big Wong's to fill up for the week. Complete the meal with some  blanched Chinese veggies - all the green stuff they cook up there is called that way - with a few strings of oyster sauce. 

Take a look at the beautiful the beast rest in their peace.    And while you do that, observe the staff, as they chopped,  and dissect your portions without missing a beat,  and all fingers intact.

"The Hang 'Em High Case"
I like to call this this glass pane, the "Hang 'Em High Case" and I will bet that Clint Eastwood would agree. The sales volume at Bing Wong's is so great, that items stay on display only for a few minutes after which , they head to the chopping block. I will have to watch the movie again real soon. Humane, isn't it.?

Now back to Food. When in the mood,  accompany the meal with some  Chinese Tsingtao beer.

Yum Sum ! , Gan Bei !  Gum Bui ! Salute !


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