Fruits of Little Italy - Part II

For this post, I would have to thank Teitel Bros on Arthur Avenue. The mascarone-gorgonzola cheese  that I picked there, is what made both of these dishes possible.   Both dishes are about contrasts. The cheese itself is a contrast in flavors and imaginary textures.  Mascarpone is creamy,  silky with no sour traits.   The embedded gorgonzola was mild, young. Both played off of each other, coming together into something that you would leave you coming back for more.

In the case of the salad, the quick bitter orange vinaigrette, with hints of slightly sweet mirin , produces a sandwich like effect of contrasting flavors as it coats the tenderness of soft Boston lettuce leaves.

Tender Boston Lettuce with Bitter Orange Sesame Vinaigrette 

In the case of the spicy stewed kale topped with cheese medallions,  the noticeably spicy and the tempered bitterness of the kale leaves gently counteracts with the cheese medallion's milkiness in a skirmish of extremes that leaves taste buds asking what just happened.

Spicy Calabrian Kake with Mascarpone Gongonzola Medallions 

Spicy Stewed Kale
Folks, the mascarpone-gorgonzola made both "piattini" and really surprised me, becoming one of the culinary ah-ha moments that is sure to influence future dishes.

A Côtes du Rhône wine and along with some toasted whole wheat ciabatta bread perfectly brought the two small together as a meal which the fan club and I really enjoyed.

One more post, to complete the outcome of  my recent Arthur Avenue trip Stay tuned.

Fine Seconda Puntata. Salute!


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