Boo... It's Halloween

What kind of food can you make while scaring hoards of small trick-or-treaters and dishing out packages of candies and chocolates ?  Well something something that you do not need to watch over you cook. So in between door bell rings, I whipped up a nice bowl of butter nut squash ciambotta.   i have made this before, so check out the previous versions. Its a great party food, and easy to make.

This time I cheated a bit in that  I used precut, fresh squash, instead of going through the trouble of peeling and cutting a though skinned gourd.  Shaved  a few minutes off the prep time, and reduced the risk of cutting off a few fingertips. Squash can be hard to cut you know.

Butter Nut Squash "Ciambotta"

A classic for autumn with some slight improvements.  Pigoli or pine nuts were added. Also mixed in some green cubanel peppers along with some traditional red bell strips.  Finally , I mixed in some flavored croutons that I had picked up at gourmet eatery Garelick and Herbs in my home town.  This replacement for the simple old crusty sourdough bread cubes really worked. Season with some dry oregano and thyme but do not over do it with the herbs.  Adjust heat but mixing in the right amount of spice . I used about 2 red chilies which I also keep in my kitchen.

Butter Nut Squash "Ciabotta"
After cooking,  top with some grated pecorino cheese for extra flavor and serve with slices of ciabatta bread. If you have time , toast it on grill with some EVOO and pinch of salt.

In less than thirty minutes dinner was served. The Chardonnay was perfect too.  For the fan club that is. In this country, the kiddies only get candy.

Boo and Happy Halloween  !


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