Pasta Pasta Pasta !

Today was a  very well spent Sunday.  I finally got to have my friend Antonio and two sweet young children over  to make and then eat hand made pasta. We have been planning this for ages, perhaps over 9 months. But for one reason or another, we have just have not been able to pull it off until today . In a sense I think the long wait was rewarded. We probably witnessed one of the best Indian summer days in many years.  The event was perfect. All dishes hit the mark  and the children, behaved like grown ups, eating my food without drama. 

For the children, the event most have been especially fun. It was the first time in their lives that they got to make pasta with their own hands.  I setup a stepping stool  just beneath the power mixer with pasta attachment. They helped catch and run some of the dough strips through the machine. It was exciting play,  but of different kind. I felt real good for having brought some new happiness into their lives.  We have a date for pizza making as soon as the temperatures drop a bit more.


Antipasto Items
Speck Ham
Sharp Italian Provolone
Cracked Green Olives from Calabria
Bocconcini salad
Prosciutto Bread
Sauteed Arthichoke Hearts
Sauteed Spicy Kale , Calabrian Style
Thyme Marinated Sweet Peppadews

Main Course
Hand Made Tagliatelle with Three Tomato Sauce

Straberry Salad
Ringo Cookies 

Most of the provisions came from Cosmo and Alex Pisano in Mamaroneck. The flour I used came from A and S Pork Fine Foods of Mamaroneck, an Italian -American chain, which also carries quality products, although less exotic.

Tagliatelle Laid Out to Dry

My secret to tagliatelle is to mix "doppio zero  - 00"  flour from Italy with semolina flour.  For this batch I think I used about 2 1/4 of  regular flour to 3/4  lbs of semolina.  Given my aversion to egg yolks,  this amount of flour I added only 2 eggs , and about 3/4 cup of liquid egg whites. The result is a slightly hard dough , that is however workable.  When the pasta is cooked, it is extraordinarily light in texture, yet elastic enough not to fall apart.  Very different from dried pasta in a box, and also quite different from fresh pasta you can get at the market , which tends to carry a higher egg content, and stronger aroma. That's great if you like yolks, but I don't.

Steaming Hot Tagliatelle

Notice , from the picture, that the Tagliatelle were not flooded with tomato sauce. This was by choice so that one could get a taste of the pasta alone, which itself is nice to eat with some EVOO and a hint of Parmigiano cheese.  Those who wanted more tomato sauce got to add  it a la carte.

Thyme Marinated Sweet Peppadews

The peppadews were drained of their original condiment, and marinated at room temperature over night  in  fresh EVOO, fresh thyme and a pinch of salt. They were one of the tastiest treats of the meal, and worked a tempting palate cleanser.  Filled with Beta Carotene too.

Fan club and guests today were beyond pleased. Lots of left over pasta for the next few days. Can't wait to fry some up.

Salute !


  1. Hey .. simple question... how did you saute the artichoke hearts?


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