Needed Some Kneaded Bread

Spectacular day today. Not a cloud in sight and temperatures around the upper 50s. Thought it would be a great time to do something outdoorsy. After a short deliberation, mostly cerebral, I decided on a quick trip up to Bear Mountain State Park  just overlooking the beautiful Hudson River.  I had a time budget of less than 4 hours.  It was doable. So we the Queen and I departed.

South East View - Bear Mountain

As predicted, the mountain was spectacular. We were slightly surprised to see how many bikers with the polished Harleys were romping up the windy mountain road. It was a full house at the summit. We were especially  honored by having a distinctive police chief, all decked out, watching over our ever move  as we took pictures, and sipped from our water bottles.

Chief of Police
The chief stared us down, occasionally looking at his wrist watch as if our stay on the summit was rationed. We were intimidated and obeyed his law. Back then down the windy road we went,. a bit stirred but not shaken.

Our morning on Bear Mountain worked up breakfast appetite. More accurately it was already past noon, and having skipped breakfast, we needed some serious food in our systems. Our plan to stop somewhere on the road, did not work out. We were running out of time, petrol and body fuel. So the quickest, most practical thing to do was to head to The Kneaded Bread  bakery,  pick up some breads, and have a bite there. The bakery is not too far from home, and is a well known destination in Port Chester, NY, a destination that has won more awards that I can think of.

But did I just rationalize the decision or was a it quasi-subconscious longing for crusty bread reminding me of the old country that drove us to go there? Subliminal, wasn't it. I guess we needed some Kneaded Bread.

So what is this place?  A bakery ?  A cafe ? All of the above. but go there for the bread. Go there and take lots of it home. Some breads taste better the day after.

The Bread Spread

The Queen and I devoured some of their freshly made, scrumptious rolls - the walnut raisin , oat meal, and sunflower are on the top of our list - along with some drinks and coffee.  Within minutes breakfast and lunch was gloriously consummated.

We took home a crusty long loaf .  This is a very mild sour dough based bread whose taste matures, and tastes better as time goes by.  Makes me experience in ways  some of the old country's artisan bread that I grew up with . Funny thing is that we are not in Europe, but an ocean away in  good old Port Chester , NY. Oh, almost forgot, we just could not resist the brownies and danish-like pastries. So the filled out basket too.

KN - Famous Sandwiches
The sandwiches and soups are also exceptional. What else can you expect when you combine high-quality ingredients with great freshly baked breads? . Just ask the locals and watch out for the lunch lines during the week, The word has indeed spread.

Here are So expectations are high often for this multi-time winner of "best of  Westchester".  Stop by when in town. It won't disappoint.  I hear that they have been consistently getting 4.5 out 5 stars. They get five from me for their consistent quality.

Salute to the owners Jennifer and Jeff! 


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