Asian Twisted Noodles

I felt like experimenting a bit today so lunch took a fusion twist . I used some left over spicy butternut squash broth ,  see my March 17 post (LINK) ,  and a package of Chinese noodles that I picked up in Manhattan's Chinatown .

Chinese Noodles in Spicy Butternut Squash Broth 

Spicy Chinese Noodles Butternut Squash Broth

Preparation Notes 
Not much going on here. Bring the broth to a boil, dilute if necessary , toss in the noodles,  Plate. couple of savory Castelvetrano green olives made for a perfect edible garnish.

And of course some form a libation can not be ingnored.  A glass of  NY Reisling from the Finger Lakes region did the trick with this dish

Bon Appétit


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