Lenten Culinary Journey Continues

Today, dinner had to come quick and follow Lenten rules.  Cous Cous, a super fast "pasta" product came to the rescue. The fan club was pretty happy, considering that dish took less than 1/2 hour from fridge to plate.

Asparagus Cous-Cous
Asparagus Cous-Cous

A white Boardeaux wine , crisp and slightly acidic,  brought out the flavors of each of the vegetables.

Oh,  and did you hear about the stewed cabbage with sauteed peppers ?  Next time you go for corned beef and cabbage,   reconsider.  Cabbage does not have to be bland, and tasteless.  I will be making my alternative  to this Irish classic, next time I forage through  the cabbage patch.

Who says dinner can not be fast ?

Salute !


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