Oktoberfest meets Sasuage fest

Here's my version of a great evening of grilling with friends out in the midwest.  Ingredients used were either from the super - mega - unthinkably disproportionate - Jungle Jim's near Cincinnati, Kroegers in Findlay's Market  or my garden back home. It was a coming together of cultures . I counted at least 6 . Can you ?

Grilled Meats and Sausages

Hungarian Sausages
Chicken Chorizo
Pork Chorizo
Polish Kielbasa

Country Pork Ribs wrapped marinated smoked Bacon 

The meats went perfectly with a freshly made chunky garden tomato salsa, heavy on the cilantro

German Rauchbier (Weizen & Marzen)
Blue Star Wheat Beer
Framboise Lambic

An of course the star of the show , real German Bier

You do not have to wait for October to celebrate as Germans, correction as Spaniards, correction as Hungarians, Pols, well you get the picture.

Salute !


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