What's for dinner? For Tomorrow

Growing up in Southern Italy, part of  country life revolved around the kitchen and its related activities.  The kitchen acted as your living room, at times your study room.  I will always remember those days well when I solved many an equation amongst large clay bowls of chopped vegetables.

Walk into the kitchen , and predictably,  you could hear or partake in many discussions, all centered on the quasi-existential world of home cooking.   Food planning, was definitely a standing topic of discussion and it had to be covered each and every day of the calendar year.  Rarely did we not hear , immediately after preparing and eating a scrumptious country meal, 'Che mangiamo domani ?' ,  "What's for dinner tomorrow?".  It was as if the end of the world would occur sometime with the next twenty-three hours. And so, as a precautionary step or maybe more like a sacred country ritual,  tomorrow's dinner plans need to be decided right then, without any delay.

Well, folks , I suppose that today , I suffered from that same mental malady for,  I too, found myself planning and cooking for tomorrow.  Here's what I came up with for tomorrow's dinner.


French Green Lentil Soup 
Spicy Enoki Mushrooms Cooked  in Summer Ale

They say some foods taste better the day after. Let's see how things turn out tomorrow.

Bon Appetit!


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