Riding the Sausage Super Highway

Old city markets are fascinating places for me. I try to visit each time I visit some new city. I have made the mistake of not recording the experience in the past. But this time, armed with my digital camera, things would be different. Also, this time, I was not exploring alone. My good Spanish and Pakistani friends were with me every step of the way.

The historic Findlay Market in Cincinnati is the latest addition to list of marketplaces that I have been lucky to visit.   When I first entered the market, it briefly reminded me of Arthur Avenue.  Within minutes though I that I was experiencing a different place. It was Germany, not Italy that strongly influenced the history and the current day makeup of this wonderful marketplace.

What makes this trip different is that I am able to share the experience with you ,

We will start with Kroegers, a sausage wonderland. Kroegers has such great variety that their meat case easily beat out the German Autobahn.  

Sausage Super Highway 

From Krogers we visited a few other specialty stores.  Our first stop , Arethi's Gyros. Nothing like some well seasoned Gyro meat eaten without bread as a pre-lunch snack.

From there , we hit a couple of meat shops to pick up some pork , smoked bacon, From

A common theme at Findlay: freshness and , most importantly freshness. No smelly fish, no smelly meats,  you almost forgot you are in an old, crowded municipal market.

Exiting the indoor market, we stopped at a few vegetable stands for some fresh herbs and vegetables. And the piece de la resistance, we stumbled upon the Blue Oven Bakery. Folks, I know good bread. I also know good artisan bread this side of the Atlantic.  This place beat out many of my other favorites.  In the market, blue oven was setup as an outside stand, as simple as you can get. The product : phenomenal !

Blue Oven Wood Fired Breads

I think the secret to the bread here was that it was their recipes were not Italian inspired, but , you guessed right , German.  They used darker heathier grains, that were just so full of flavor. The stand reminded me of a hole-in-the-wall bread place in Warsaw, Poland.  Check out their website to learn more: Blue Oven Wood Fired Breads.

From here, we headed off to the next market.  Still a lot of shopping to do in preparation of a series fun of cooking events while away from home.  The next destination was  Jungle Jims, a mega super Market like no other on the planet. See for your self, but be warned their website does not do them justice. It had become mythical to me. Let's see if what it was really all about.


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