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Themed in Green

I woke up thinking this Sunday morning: What if the view outside of my kitchen window was my culinary muse today?  Would that kitchen muse be be a cloudy sky with their eddied mysteries or would it be the mammoth sunflowers staring at me with long droopy necks and enormous solar-sized disks.

I stared out the window and saw it. The intense green, unexpected for late August , color of my lawn , and of the out-of-control, yet almost-sterile hybrid tomatoes vines.  Green would be it: a thematic pilgrimage I had not faced before.  But once, again , a quick run to the savior pantry and there they was a small, fresh package of Green French Lentils.

Green French Lentils with green Chilis

Preparing lentils is the simplest of things  No soaking or minimal required.  Cook in four to five parts water to one part lentil.   Pinch of salt, maybe a small bouquet , optional in most cases, of herbs. Cook over low heat. Add some warm water if needed. Ensure that they remain al dente, you will want then that way if you intend to use them as an ingredient in some more complex dish.

Serve hot with a good dose of extra vergine , high quality (read $$$$) Olive Oil.  That's all there is to it. Do you see the shades of green now ?

Dinner is served , tomorrow .

Salute !


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